Facilitation Survival Guild - Part 3

Welcome to part three of the Facilitation Survival Guide. Please be sure to check out part one and part two if you missed it. Here we're getting into more tactics to sharpen your facilitation skills.

Staying On Topic

When a group has a discussion ... (Read more)

7 books for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is constantly evolving. The marketplace is hungry for new ideas and new ways of thinking. Solving problems and the needs of our customers brings us challenges daily.

I personally believe that continuous learning, experimenting, testing new ideas and getting feedback is the best way to keep up with ... (Read more)

Facilitation Survival Guide - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Facilitation Survival Guide. Please be sure to check out part 1 if you missed it. Here we're getting into more of the different elements, techniques and tactics to make your facilitation more impactful.

Creating an Agenda

At this point you’ve ... (Read more)

The Road to Coaching Certifications

For many years I have been coaching teams, managers, leaders and stakeholders. I’ve been learning and growing along the way and it’s hard to believe I haven’t taken the time to get "certified" as a coach.

There are many different coaching organization out there and each have their own ... (Read more)

Facilitation Survival Guide - Part 1

As coaches and leaders we spend a lot of time communicating with people. We lead conversations, meetings and spirited debates. It could be for small teams that need direction or sharing a message with a large group.

Having strong facilitation skills will help with all these ... (Read more)

Inspiration and OKRs

Does inspiration find us or do we find inspiration?

As I read through Measure What Matters I keep drawing out a mind map of goals and objectives. My thoughts keep circling around the ideas of vision and roadmaps that can help me set new targets. I’ve even gone ... (Read more)

Review of Agile Coach Camp Canada 2018

I always look forward to Agile Coach Camp. It's a fun time of learning, sharing and gaming with Agile practitioners and Coaches from Canada and around the world. I always see lots of familiar faces but I am doubly happy when I see new faces in the crowd because it ... (Read more)

8 books for your 2016 summer reading list

A summer reading list for 2016

1. First Things First by Stephen R Covey

The first quarter of this book has made me think deeper about my life, my integrity, my meaning and my purpose. So much so that I have face the truth about my current ... (Read more)

Upcoming Events - Agile Coach Camp Canada East

As some of you may know the Agile Coach Camp Canada East starts tomorrow. It's going to be a great opportunity to connect with other coaches around Ontario and Quebec.

If you need details about the event you can find them here:

From the attendees list alone it ... (Read more)

Enterprise Agile Adoption A New Venture

Over the past 6 months I have been working for a new company that wishes to become more Lean / Agile. It's been quite the journey so far.

In the beginning I would ask myself "What have you gotten yourself into?" Now after a lot of hard work and a ... (Read more)