8 books for your 2016 summer reading list

A summer reading list for 2016

1. First Things First by Stephen R Covey

The first quarter of this book has made me think deeper about my life, my integrity, my meaning and my purpose. So much so that I have face the truth about my current situation and I have started to take corrective action.

2. Lean Branding by Laura Busche

I am new to the world of marketing and branding. I wanted something simple yet familiar to help me in the creative process and work needed to creating a personal brand. Hopefully I'll have an audience along the way to make it better.

3. Building Successful Communities of Practice by Emily Webber

This book will help you discover how connecting people makes your organisation better. I really enjoyed the different leadership models.

4. Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges by Amy Cuddy

One of the coaching capabilities that I know I need to work on is Presence. I hope this helps me build more of that discipline.

5. The Advantage

As a coach, being a change agent is part what I do to help organization grow and adapt. Being aware of the organizations health as it goes through new growth and transformation will help in seeing how much change fatigue is being experienced and possible areas that will need more support.

6. Designing the Conversation: Techniques for Successful Facilitation

Facilitation is skill that all leaders, coaches and scrum masters must possess. This book will help you improve those skill by adding new techniques to your facilitation game.

7. Leading Change by John P. Kotter

This eight-step process for managing change with positive results has become the foundation for leaders and organizations across the globe.

8. Better and Faster by Jeremy Gutsche

This book will make you BETTER by teaching you how to overcome 3 neurological traps that block successful people, like you, from realizing your full potential. Then, it will make you FASTER by teaching you 6 patterns of opportunity – Convergence, Divergence, Cyclicality, Redirection, Reduction and Acceleration.

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